Know your Brushes


Brushes are one of the most common and traditional types of makeup applicators. Available in a range of sizes, densities, and stiffness. They can be used for everything from even foundation coverage across the entire face to precision eyeliner. Brushes can be used to apply any type of product (liquid as well as powder). And they work by building up coverage in layers rather than all at once.

Tips for cleaning your brushes

You can find special makeup brush cleansers, but I recommend always using a normal shampoo (or Johnson’s baby shampoo) or even a gentle cleanser and it works just fine!

While washing, swirl the brushes in the palm of your hand to help release any old product – for the beauty sponge, just squeeze over and over while rinsing. After you’ve washed your brushes and rinsed them under warm water, lay them on a washcloth to dry. Clean and bacteria free!